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Last updated January 24, 2021

Mulan: Special Edition Poster

Mulan: Special Edition

1998 | NR | 4.2 out of 5 Stars

Disney brings an ancient legend to life in this animated tale of the brave Mulan, a tomboyish girl who disguises herself as a young man so she can fight with the Imperial Chinese Army against the invading Huns.
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Safe Poster


2012 | NR | 4.0 out of 5 Stars

A former cage fighter comes to the aid of a 12-year-old girl kidnapped by ruthless Triad gangsters. Before the rescue is over, the pair will go up against not only her abductors, but also the Russian Mafia and a bunch of corrupt New York cops.
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The Lost Medallion Poster

The Lost Medallion

2013 | NR | 3.8 out of 5 Stars

When best friends Billy and Allie discover an ancient medallion, they also discover the power to wish themselves back in time. Now, the 13-year-olds face a crop of dangers, including the evil leader of the island to which they've been transported.
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Kung Fu Panda: Holiday Poster

Kung Fu Panda: Holiday

2010 | NR | 3.8 out of 5 Stars

As preparations for the Winter Feast build, Po is caught between his obligations as the Dragon Warrior and his family holiday traditions. In the end, he follows his heart and shows both the villagers and the palace the true meaning of community.
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Big Trouble in Little China Poster

Big Trouble in Little China

1986 | NR | 3.7 out of 5 Stars

When a 2,000-year-old magician kidnaps his friend's fiancée, two-fisted trucker Jack Burton and sexy attorney Gracie Law must navigate a shadowy world filled with supernatural creatures and spectacular action to capture the culprit.
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Red Corner Poster

Red Corner

1997 | NR | 3.6 out of 5 Stars

An American businessman finds himself charged with murder and thrown headlong into China's nightmarish legal system in this tense thriller that was filmed covertly in Beijing for a week without government approval.
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Black Widow Poster

Black Widow

1987 | NR | 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Director Bob Rafelson's superbly crafted thriller stars Debra Winger as Alexandra Barnes, an inquiring federal investigator who becomes intrigued -- then fixated -- when she stumbles across an unusual pattern of deaths by seemingly natural causes. The common bond among the victims? They're all rich, reclusive and leave behind the same sultry young widow (Theresa Russell). Can Alexandra crack the case without getting tangled in a web of murder?
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The Golden Child Poster

The Golden Child

1986 | NR | 3.5 out of 5 Stars

L.A. social worker Chandler Jarrell (Eddie Murphy) has a knack for finding lost children. That's why the beautiful priestess Kee Nang (Charlotte Lewis) turns to Jarrell when a child with mystical powers (J.L. Reate) is kidnapped from Tibet and brought to Los Angeles. Now, Jarrell's mission is to find the boy and bring peace to the world. Along the way, he fights his way through a series of traps and terrors in this comic adventure.
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Ghost Rock Poster

Ghost Rock

2003 | NR | 3.1 out of 5 Stars

Only a boy when he witnessed his family massacred, John Slaughter returns to his hometown 20 years later, primed for vengeance. Having mastered gunslinging and martial arts, Slaughter goes after the men responsible, who are now leaders of the town.
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Epoch Poster


2001 | NR | 3.1 out of 5 Stars

As inexplicable natural disasters besiege the world, claiming scores of lives and causing entire cities to crumble, a team of scientists trace the disturbing phenomena to a mysterious object in the Himalayas that is driven by a deadly force.
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South Beach Academy Poster

South Beach Academy

1996 | NR | 3.0 out of 5 Stars

Single guy Billy travels to Miami's South Beach to visit his brother, Harry, and hopefully find some women to entertain in the bedroom. And since Harry's a volleyball coach, there's no shortage of ladies for Billy to target.
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The Vineyard Poster

The Vineyard

1989 | NR | 2.6 out of 5 Stars

Dr. Elson Po, an evil winemaker, invents a special potion that makes him immortal. But when his concoction loses its power, Dr. Po tries to convert a beautiful actress into his new fountain of youth.
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